Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 22, 2011 meeting minutes

         Meeting Minutes--subject to approval at July meeting   
Willow Community Center

Date:June 22, 2011
Called to Order:7:13 p.m.
Quorum Established
Attendees Present: Donna Quante, Sue Morgan, Jamie West, Kathie Smith, Jenny Evans, Pat Welch, Kari Skogen, Sue Allen, Janet Sweeney, JP Norris, Fran Agne, Helen Hegener, Ken Nelson
Agenda reviewed and accepted. May 25 minutes approved as written.
Guest Presentation
Pat Madigan had an emergency and could not make the meeting.  She will be at the July meeting. 
Officer Reports:
Member-at-Large – Bob:not present.  Kari:working on symposium.  Jenny:no report.
Secretary – Suggested a social event in September – an overnight stay at a public use cabin on Byer’s Lake. Will check into cabin availability.
Treasurer – Money amount the same as last month.  Jamie has been working on the books and has finished 2010. 
 Vice President – WACO report:40 acre park clean up June 25th at 10a.m.  CIP projects 1) new fire building 2) implement summer trails plan 3) highway bypass study.  Vern Halter secured $54,000 from Borough for WACO.  
President – no specific report – comments scattered throughout the meeting. Presented letter supporting trail easements that was sent to Eric Moore.
Committee and Special Group Reports:
Trails – No report.
Symposium – Working on registration form – will request $3,500 from WACO for evening program by Pamyua at July 11 meeting.  Symposium closing panel “Gathering of Champions”.
Emergency Preparedness – Working on upgrading data pool of kennels.
Races:  Willow Jr.No report.  Willow/Tug 300 -  Sue Allen read letter which stated they will find another way to put on their 300 mile race.  Letter on file.  WDMA will consider putting on the Willow/Tug 300 next season.  Bob Sexton has expressed an interest in coordinating the race. 
Forestry – A new report to come out – old one had mistakes.

–Christina is making T-shirts for 4
th of July parade – Meet at TP at 11 am – parade at noon.  Bring a dog to walk.
Unfinished Business/Reports/Updates
Club historian and spay/neuter clinic – Tina not present.
Gas Pipeline – comments from WDMA posted on ASAP web page.
New Business    Announcements  
None.     None.
Adjourned 7:58 pm
Next Meeting July 27